8 Expert Spring Cleaning Tips for 2023

Our Eight Spring Cleaning Tips for 2023

Spring is upon us. Do you know what that means? It’s time to start straightening up around the house. Take one of your weekends off and put some effort into cleaning up your home. Everyone living inside of it, including yourself, will appreciate your effort later on. At Lug Away, we have plenty of experience cleaning up homes, and because of that, we’ve got the spring cleaning tips for 2023 you need. Let’s take a look.

1) Put Away Those Winter Clothes

When spring rolls around, so do warmer temperatures. What this means is that you probably won’t be busting out the heavy jackets as often. So don’t waste your closet space on clothes you won’t wear for another eight months. It’s time to put them away. Fold them nicely, find some cardboard boxes or plastic tubs they will fit in, then find a place for them in your attic, basement, or under your bed.

2) Clean Up the Yard

It’s probably been a while since you relaxed outside. Now that the temperatures are about to start allowing for it again, make sure your yard isn’t in shambles. Pick up sticks and fallen branches. Rake up any leftover leaves. If necessary, pluck up dead crops, unwanted brush, and other plants that have begun growing without permission. Don’t forget that if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, junk removal companies such as Lug Away are happy to provide you with yard debris removal services.

Yard debris in the process of being removed

3) Dust All the Surfaces

How much dust has accumulated around the house while you were enjoying lazy evenings in front of the fireplace? You might be surprised at the amount of dust you can find on the baseboards, high-up shelves, atop fan blades, and in other difficult-to-reach places. Cleaning up this dust doesn’t just feel good, it’s also hygienic. So bust out your preferred duster and chase out that dust wherever it might be hiding!

4) Sweep, Vacuum and Mop While You’re At It

Don’t stop at dusting in the high-up places. It’s time to look in the opposite direction—the ground. You’ve done a lot of walking around the house during the winter, and that inevitably causes the spread of dirt and grime. It’s time to take action against this filth by sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping the floors. Even if your floors don’t look so bad, you might be surprised at how vividly they shine after you complete these tasks!

5) Give Some Attention to the Kitchen

How is your kitchen looking? Chances are, the counters could use some attention, the stove needs to be wiped down, and the refrigerator is still stuffed with leftovers. It’s time to give your kitchen a makeover, and the best part is that it doesn’t require any decorations. Just a clean look will do. So wipe down the counters and the stove. Clean inside the microwave. Empty the refrigerator, dispose of unwanted items, and make sure to clean off any stained shelves in the process.

6) Don’t Forget the Bathrooms

The bathrooms deserve your attention, too. “Cleaning the bathroom” is actually a broad category for at least half a dozen jobs. The bathroom mirror needs to be wiped down. The toilet needs to be scrubbed. That’s only the beginning, though. Don’t forget to also wipe down the sink and the sink counter, scrub the stains out of the tub, and wash the shower liner. As a final task, mop the bathroom floor. It probably needs to be mopped more than any other floor in your house.

7) Wipe Down the Windows

Now that you don’t have to stay inside all the time because of the cold temperatures, it’s the perfect opportunity to wipe down both sides of your windows. All it takes is some paper towel and your preferred glass cleaner. Spritz the glass, then watch as all those smudges and fingerprints are magically washed away. Now you’ll have the best view through your window whether you’re looking inside or out.

8) Declutter Around the House

During the holidays, you probably brought all sorts of new things into the house. Spring cleaning is much the opposite in that it’s the perfect time to figure out what you can get rid of. To conclude our spring cleaning tips for 2023, check for junk in your closets, basement, attic, and even the shelves and tables around the house. Do you have any unwanted stored belongings, such as old decorations, clothes that don’t fit, broken furniture, and so on and so forth?

A space cluttered with boxes that has been cleared out by Lug Away Junk Removal

After figuring out what you’d rather not keep, toss it out, or even better, donate it to a local thrift store. This can be physically demanding, so if you’re not up to all this hauling, then keep in mind that there are junk removal companies that can do this work for you. For example, at Lug Away, we are happy to remove your unwanted household items and then donate or dispose of them for you.