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Our spring cleaning junk removal is the fastest way to get rid of your unwanted clutter!

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When spring rolls around, people tend to get a little more conscientious about clutter. As a society, we call this spring cleaning. So if you’re starting to think about getting rid of some junk, then our service is exactly what you need.

  • No need to rent your own truck to take your junk to the dump. We have a truck, and we’ll handle the disposal process for you.
  • Bending over and picking up heavy junk items all day can really take a toll on you. Let our full-service crew do all the work instead.
  • After removing your junk, we’ll also sweep up behind ourselves as a little extra touch. You’ll appreciate the clean floors.
  • We are an eco-friendly business, so count on us to recycle and donate as much of your unwanted clutter as possible!


What should you get rid of, and should you keep? Review our tips for spring cleaning to get a better idea of what can go along with guidance on other related topics.

  • Is it useful? For any given item in your household, ask yourself what purpose it serves. Couldn’t think of anything? Then it’s probably junk.
  • Can I donate it? Your unwanted belongings that are still in fair condition make for great donations. We’ll find these for you.
  • How should I clean? In addition to discarding purposeless belongings, be sure to also dust surfaces, vacuum floors, mop, et cetera.
  • How fast can I get rid of junk? If you’re using our junk removal service, just leave the junk wherever. We’ll move it to the truck upon our arrival.


We determine the cost of our residential junk removal and clean outs by simply charging you a price based on the volume of junk we took off your hands. Read below for more details.

  • We will check out all your unwanted clutter at the beginning of your appointment, determine the volume, then give you an upfront estimate.
  • If this estimate sounds fair to you, give us the go-ahead, and we’ll start carting your junk off to our junk hauling truck.
  • We don’t charge you hidden fees or surcharges! Our upfront price always reflects the final price—no exceptions.
  • Schedule your spring cleaning services appointment by contacting us online or calling 617-925-9263.


Call us at 617-925-9263 or email us at info@lugaway.com for your instant services estimate today!

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