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Why Choose Lugaway for Your Piano Removal Needs

Pianos, with their significant weight and size, can be a challenging item to remove from your property. That’s where Lugaway steps in. Our experienced crew is well-versed in safely and efficiently removing various types of pianos, ensuring that your property remains undamaged in the process. We handle:

  • Upright Pianos
  • Grand Pianos
  • Baby Grand Pianos
  • Digital Pianos
  • And other piano types upon request
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Fair and Transparent Pricing

Concerned about the cost? Lugaway offers competitive pricing tailored to the specific needs of your piano removal. Our pricing model is straightforward and fair:

  • Volume-based pricing for cost-effectiveness.
  • Upfront estimates with no hidden fees for transparency.
  • Free estimates to help you make an informed decision.

Our Piano Removal Process

Our process is designed to be as easy and stress-free as possible:

  1. Scheduling Your Removal: Contact us online or via phone to arrange a pickup time that works for you.
  2. Receiving Your estimate: We’ll assess the piano and your property to provide a comprehensive and upfront cost estimate.
  3. The Removal: Our team will carefully and efficiently remove the piano from your premises.
  4. Final Steps: Once the job is complete, settle the payment and enjoy your newly reclaimed space.
A Lug Away junk truck ready to haul junk

Lug Away

Lugaway is your go-to expert for all types of junk removal, including pianos. Our reputation for professionalism and customer satisfaction is backed by numerous positive reviews. As a local Watertown-based business, we’re committed to providing our community with reliable and efficient services.

If you’re looking to remove a piano from your home or business, Lugaway is here to help. We’re prepared to offer a hassle-free removal experience, allowing you to repurpose your space. Contact us today to schedule your piano removal and take the first step towards a more harmonious environment.


Call us at 617-925-9263 or email us at info@lugaway.com for your instant services estimate today!

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