Dedham Junk Removal

Get rid of junk of any size with Dedham junk removal from Lug Away!

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Junk Removal in Dedham Near You

Our junk hauling services get the job done right in Dedham! We can remove and haul away many varieties of junk, including furniture, hot tubs, and even concrete. Here’s how it works:

  • First, we arrive, take a look at the junk, and prepare our estimate.
  • Accept this estimate in order to let our crew get the hauling.
  • Next, we carry all junk items out to our truck in an orderly fashion.
  • Lastly, pay your dues, and we’ll cart the junk away for disposal.

Cost of Dedham Junk Removal

When you choose Lug Away, you’re choosing a locally-owned and operated business that wants to strike a bargain!

  • Local savings. Franchises cost more than local businesses because they have to pay expensive franchise fees. So, save money with us!
  • Upfront, all-inclusive estimates. You’ll know the final price before we even begin hauling the junk. No exceptions.
  • Volume-based. The space your junk takes up in our truck determines the price. It’s simple and fair.

Schedule Junk Removal in Dedham

Booking the junk disposal you need is easy. When you reach out to Lug Away, you’ll start speaking with our friendly team members who are eager to assist you right away.

  • Call us at (617) 893-9824. It won’t be long before one of our employees answers your call.
  • You can request an over-the-phone estimate to learn about how much your appointment will cost.
  • Additionally, you can choose an appointment day, including from same-day and next-day availability.


In Dedham, and in all of our service areas, homeowners and business owners often find themselves struggling with a sudden buildup of junk. You see, junk is a mysterious thing, gone one moment and there the next. Luckily for you, when junk does strike, you don’t have to take it on alone. Instead, let Lug Away come to the rescue and truck it away for you!

Our team is always excited to meet new clients. Get in touch with us today and find the junk hauling help you need!


Call us at 617-925-9263 or email us at for your instant services estimate today!

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