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Property managers who recently acquired a building full of junk are in luck. Instead of cleaning all that clutter out for themselves, they’ll be able to contact Lug Away, a local team of junk removal professionals, to do the work for them.

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Being a property manager or landlord in the Boston Area is difficult enough work already. Don’t feel like you need to add a do-it-yourself junk removal job on top of that! The DIY process is lengthy, involving physical labor, trips to the landfill, and lots of wasted time. As a property manager, your time is important, and that’s why we save it for you. With our property management services, you’ll be able to get rid of any kind of junk from any kind of property for a fair and affordable price. It’s all made possible by the professionals and friendly team at Lug Away.

We are a full-service crew that’s just about seen it all when it comes to junk removal jobs. So whether you need us to pick up a few items or clean out an entire property, we can do it. That way, you can focus on leasing, selling, and renting while we focus on the junk. We don’t mind—cleaning up your messes is our favorite thing to do!

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Why Our Property Management Services?

There are many different property management companies out there, meaning you have lots of options when you need to get rid of all the junk in a property. Why, then, should you choose Lug Away? What makes us better than the rest? It’s a good question, and we think we’ve got a good answer for you. As a locally owned and operated business, we have a greater focus on the community than our franchise-based competitors do. We believe that cleaning up clutter is a great way to make our neighborhoods a better place, and that’s why we help all our local friends, including property managers and landlords! Need us to remove junk from a house, commercial space, or rental property? Then we can be there as soon as today or tomorrow to make it happen!

From foreclosure cleanouts to eviction cleanouts, we do it all so you don’t have to. Additionally, we do the work for a fair price so you never have to feel like junk removal is out of your budget. Since we don’t cost as much to operate as a chain does, you get better prices from us than our competitors, too! How it works is simple. At the start of your appointment, we’ll estimate the total amount of truck space your junk will use up. Then, we’ll provide you with an upfront, volume-based estimate. Sounds fair, right? We’ll keep it fair by never adding hidden fees to your bill as well!

At Lug Away, we also believe that property management services don’t necessarily have to be wasteful. While some of the other companies that provide junk removal will happily dump everything in the landfill, we take the road less travelled. Instead of trashing each item we find, we’ll sort through them in search of recyclables. Anything made of metal, plastic, glass, cardboard, or paper can be broken down and turned into something new, after all. Additionally, we will also take any lightly used items to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore because someone else would love to use them next.

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Our Property Management Works

  1. Whether you need us to do a few small jobs or complete property clean outs, you can expect us to be there on time, fully prepared for the hard work ahead of us.
  2. After you approve our upfront estimate, we’ll begin our work. Hauling is second nature to us, so feel free to do something else as we make your junk disappear.
  3. You’ll be amazed at how quickly we open up free space. By the time we’re done, the property will look great, especially since we sweep up behind ourselves.
  4. Now that all the clutter is gone and you’ve got a smile on your face, we’ll accept your final payment, say goodbye, and get out of your hair!

Commercial Junk Removal Services for Property Managers

When one of your commercial tenants can no longer pay the rent, they might just hit the road. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll clean up all their clutter before leaving. Need help picking up commercial junk items? We’re the best choice for the job. For example, we will happily remove shelves, old merchandise, and decorations from a store that has shut down. We can also remove furniture and appliances from an abandoned restaurant. You might even be thrilled to learn that we have lots of experience removing cubicles, computers, and file cabinets from offices that are no longer in use. As you can see, there’s virtually no job our team can’t do!

About Us

Lug Away believes junk removal doesn’t have to be so boring. We bring positive energy to any job we take on and do our work with smiles on our faces. We’ve got no reason to be grumpy—after all, we’re serving an important member of our community! And since we value you so much, we’ll work quickly to save you time and affordably to save you money. It’s a customer experience so good, you’ll want to tell everyone you know about it!

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  • review rating

    Steve and his helper John were terrific. They helped clean out our attic and basement storage room. They were on time, professional and very efficient.

    Susan G.
  • review rating

    I had an emergency with two cubic yards of brick rubble left from retaining wall renovation project. Snow was coming and bricks would make plowing the lot impossible.

    Pawel J.
  • review rating

    Just had my first experience with Lug Away and they were terrific!! On time, fast, clean and it cost exactly what Steve estimated. I HIGHLY recommend Lug Away! Thanks Steve!

    Dix W.
  • review rating

    Steve and John were uniformly wonderful! Polite, efficient, clean and super helpful. They cleared out a lot of junk, never once complained, and were cheerful throughout! A+++

    Jennifer H.


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