Need Construction Debris Removal In Watertown & Newton, MA?

Need Construction Debris Removal In Watertown & Newton, MA?

Construction projects can be a complex process and the last thing you need is debris cluttering up the job site. Call Lug Away, LLC to get it cleaned up!

A cluttered job site can pose a serious safety hazard to your employees and take away valuable time and labor.
Lug Away, LLC is here for all of your construction debris removal needs so that you worry about the job at hand while we worry about the cleanup. From new construction to demolition, Lug Away has you covered. Can you not fit a dumpster on site? Lug Away can get to the toughest points of access to make junk removal as convenient as possible.

We service a variety of projects including:

  • Custom home building
  • Commercial home building
  • Demolition
  • Remodeling
Are you a homeowner in the middle of a remodeling project? We can take care of you too. Lug Away, LLC prioritizes customer experience over everything and will make a stressful process as smooth as possible.

Why Chose Lug Away, LLC?

At Lug Away, LLC the customer comes first. Are you not accumulating enough debris for a dumpster? We believe in charging a fair price and we only charge for what you fill. Do you only have enough junk or debris to fill half a truck? A quarter of a truck? At Lug Away you pay for what you fill. From residential homes to construction sites, we are here for all your junk and debris removal needs. Call (617) 893-9824 to schedule an appointment today!