Garage Cleanouts in Wellesley, MA

What better place is there to store things than your garage? You put this over here, that over there, and all is well until all of a sudden, you’re climbing over a pile of junk to get to your golf clubs! This a common situation folks in New England find themselves in as the seasons change. If this sounds all too familiar, the experts at Lug Away Junk Removal & Demolition are here to help! We’re proud to offer garage cleanouts in Wellesley and the Boston Metro Area. So how do you start the garage cleanout process? Call our professional junk removal team for your free estimate today!

How does Lug Away help with garage cleanouts in Wellesley?

At Lug Away, we offer garage cleanout services that Wellesley customers trust! Affordable rates and efficiency are what you get when you hire our local service, bringing “customer satisfaction” to a whole new meaning! We provide same-day and next-day services, so you don’t have to worry about planning. Our team is prepared to clean out your garage, the rafters, and anything that’s inside!


We use a volume-based method to determine your garage cleanout cost. Cost is based on volume, you will be charged for the space filled inside of our truck. We use 15 yard dump trucks that are more than capable of handling any and all of your unwanted items. All pricing includes labor and dump fees, making our process simple and easy! Call at at 617-925-9263 to speak with one of our crew members and receive a free estimate for your garage cleanout. You can also contact us or send us an email at Feel free to text photos or videos of your garage for an instant estimate on your cleanout today!