Hot Tub Removal in Newton

Hot Tub Removal in Newton, MA

Do you have an old hot tub that’s broken or hasn’t been used in years? Lug Away Junk Removal & Demolition specializes in hot tub removal, and we can’t wait to make yours disappear! Whether they’re free-standing outside, recessed in a deck, inside your home, or on a second-level balcony, our team comes equipped to handle the job. At Lug Away, we offer hot tub disposal services that Newton customers trust! We’re the team that takes on jobs the other guys won’t and make sure to get it done the right way! We take pride in our customer service and in providing our 5-star services. But how does Lug Away assist with hot tub removal in Newton?

How does Lug Away help with a hot tub removal in Newton?

We arrive on-site with our two-person crew and 15 cubic yard dump truck, packed to the brim with the proper tools to get the job done! Upon arrival, our Team Leader will perform a walk-through to assess the hot tub, its location, and any issues that may arise. Then, our Team Leader will provide you with the cost to remove your hot tub. Once approved, our team will remove your hot tub and load it into our truck. We work safely and efficiently to complete the job. Once we’ve completed our hot tub disposal services, our Team Leader will provide you with a walkthrough of the area to make sure you are happy with our performance and cleanliness. Are you ready to remove your hot tub? Let’s make it happen!


Here at Lug Away Junk Removal & Demolition, your junk removal cost is based on the volume your items take up in our 15 cubic yard dump truck. However, due to the complexity of a hot tub disposal service, our pricing works a bit differently. For this unique task, pricing starts at a minimum and increases based on the size, scope, and complexity of your hot tub removal. All of our pricing includes labor, demolition, and disposal fees, which means we’ll never tack on any extra charges when we’re done!

Our pricing is upfront and transparent. You’ll know exactly what to expect when we arrive on site!

To receive a free estimate for your hot tub disposal project, give us a call at 617-925-9263. You can also contact us on our website or send us an email at Feel free to text photos or videos of your hot tub for an instant estimate on your removal today!